This project is something I have been toying with making for a while. As a lot of my work is music-based I decided to create an avenue to properly showcase the work as well as the work of bands and musicians I’ve worked with. Quickly the scope of the project got bigger and I decided … More MONO

Blanche Bakery

We shot a small series of promotional videos for Blanche Bakery. They are an independent bakery based in Cardiff who specialise in vegan baking. I shot the following at their 1st year anniversary which also happened to be the 1st day of their new stall at Castle Emporium. So double the celebrations! These are also some … More Blanche Bakery

Red Sun 2015

Here is the first complete video of Red Sun (finally)! It’s a brief overview of what transpired on Day 1 of the Red Sun Festival. Enjoy: Here is Day 2 of the festival: This is the first long-form video (discounting weddings) that have been paid to make. It was also one of the very first … More Red Sun 2015

Recap Reel 2015

This is a quick video recap of  some of the work I did in 2015. Due to a few computer complications and a busy Christmas period I missed my chance to create a proper showreel of my work of the previous year. To combat this I have made a short video (all TODAY!) to highlight … More Recap Reel 2015


Note: This is going to be quite a bigger read than usual. Feel the movie needs more explanation than usual due to the conditions it was made under.   This film was the first fictional film I have undertaken in a while (and completed!). It was for the 60 hour Film Challenge put on by … More Ultraman