Eat Sleep Footy Repeat

At the beginning of December I took on a quick and unexpected video job for the guys over at EatSleepFootyRepeat. They cover all topics relating to Welsh Football from the grassroots game all the way up to national level. For more on them check out their page.

What I was tasked with was capturing the first inaugural Futsal Home Nations tournament. For those of you who don’t know Futsal is a style of football similar to five-a-side but with added complexities like no walls, bigger pitch etc. The video below explains more.

It was filmed over 3 days and edited over 3 days. I was also helped by Robin on Sat and Daniel on Sun. Here is the Video. My section starts at 3:50. Enjoy.


It was a fun project to do although very last-minute. Again it was something I have never done before which is Sport videography. The closest I have gotten to this before in the past is skateboarding. It definitely opens itself up to a whole different way of filming due to the speed of movement not just on the field but with the camera’s action. Learnt a lot from this project in regards to speed and momentum.

The videos below are a more detailed look at each of the individual matches through the tournament. Here there are:



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