Rainbow Maniac Live Sessions

These are 2 videos we shot with the band Rainbow Maniac.

In anticipation of the release of their first ep, simply called RMEP 1, they wanted to showcase 2 songs from it. They wanted a stripped down, raw, real shoot of them playing the songs with no frills. They wanted it to be as live as possible; letting the music be the centerpiece of the entire thing. We also chose the look and feel in tandem with the group’s aesthetic.

The results are below. First we have Crack Rock N Roll followed by Going Out on My Own.


Going Out On My Own

Crack Rock N Roll

This was all shot with multiple takes with one camera. Not an ideal situation but one we made work. I think the videos hit the marks we set out for at the beginning of this project. It was definitely fun and has made me want to create more live sessions videos with other bands and also want to work with Rainbow Maniac again!

The sound for the video was recorded and mastered by Andrew Bishop.

To find out more about Rainbow Maniac check out their Facebook and Soundcloud.


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