Red Sun 2015

Here is the first complete video of Red Sun (finally)! It’s a brief overview of what transpired on Day 1 of the Red Sun Festival. Enjoy:

Here is Day 2 of the festival:

This is the first long-form video (discounting weddings) that have been paid to make. It was also one of the very first long-form project I took on. It was also the first time I did a festival and the first time I worked over one day. So, yes a lot firsts were ticked off on this project.

I overshot over the 3 day period as they was just so much good footage to catch but this proved difficult in the edit. After categorising the footage I had the task of deciding what format the video was going to take. And very quickly that ‘video’ became ‘video’s’. I thought the best way to showcase the festival was to divide up the days into their own videos.

Late in the process to showcase the coolly, dark feel of the festival I decided to grade the footage quite drastically (yet another first!) I think it works but obviously being a first time is a bit sketchy in places.

All in all, I believe I set out what I wanted to do.

Audio tweaked by Daniel Streeter.

If any of the bands are looking to get their hands on more footage contact me here at

For more info on Red Sun and this year’s festival head over to here.


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