This project is something I have been toying with making for a while. As a lot of my work is music-based I decided to create an avenue to properly showcase the work as well as the work of bands and musicians I’ve worked with. Quickly the scope of the project got bigger and I decided to properly do it and acquire the help of a few like-minded individuals to help with it. And with the help of these other like-minded people, we created MONO.

MONO is a social media platform to promote and showcase the music in South Wales. This is done primarily through our own produced videos but also the sharing of other content relative to the community.  We have decided to primarily do this through the medium of video. It’s the most complete way to get all the information through to the audience.

We hope for MONO to do well and become a point of interest for anyone looking for more information/news on the local music scene here in South Wales.

For more on MONO check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

As this is an ongoing project only a small selection of videos will appear here. For a full list head to our Facebook page.

NOTE: Many of the videos here are a collaborative effort between me and other filmmakers as well as the music artists featured.


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