Little Folk at Green Man 2017

This short video was filmed from Thursday through the weekend and edited over the same time over an August summer weekend. This was a great, if not stressful, challenge. Given the limitations of the equipment I was using and the strict deadline I am happy with the results of the finished video.

On Sunday the piece you see below was played to the people of Green Man for the closing parade for the Little Folk field. It was played on the Main Stage’s screen which was an awesome feeling.

The Little Folk field is a field designed for the little folk! It’s designed for children to enjoy and experience the fun of festivals.

Would definitely do again. The video is below. Enjoy!

Note: I was unsure whether to put this up or not due to the music being so integral to the visuals. The music in the video will probably change by the time you see this as I do not have the rights to the music. But I went ahead and put it up anyway!


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