Note: This is going to be quite a bigger read than usual. Feel the movie needs more explanation than usual due to the conditions it was made under.   This film was the first fictional film I have undertaken in a while (and completed!). It was for the 60 hour Film Challenge put on by … More Ultraman

Empty Walls 2014

Here it is! After a few false starts and re-edits it is here. The long-awaited Empty Walls 2014 video is here. It was filmed through the months of September to October in 2014. It was my first ‘proper’ filming job since starting JAPES. It spanned many weeks being exposed to the elements, some early mornings, … More Empty Walls 2014

The Wocko Sessions

This was a very interesting project to work on. In fact, this was probably the first video JAPES did before it was even named JAPES. I filmed all footage for this video two years ago. It originally consisted of a folk band plus Wocko playing their songs in a whole suite of studio recordings and also an … More The Wocko Sessions

PowderHound #1

PowderHound are a new DIY record label & promo-collective based in deepest, darkest, Cardiff where they thrive on beer, great music and various other substances whilst bringing good times to Cardiff! They put on punk/metal/alt/grunge/doom and everything in between. I was asked to document their debut show. It was an awesome night and hopefully the … More PowderHound #1

Strike Fightwear

Over the years I have been lucky enough to take photos for the BJJ clothing company Strike Fightwear. They have used them for their campaigns online as well as in print. They have also used the photos over various online platforms from their website to their Facebook page. Edit 27/10/2014: These are some more shots … More Strike Fightwear

JAPES Showreel 2014

Here is our show-reel from a collection of footage we have shot in the last year. It highlights just how wide and varied our work is. There is even some stuff in there that will be coming up in a future video too. So we present it to you now for your viewing pleasure.