Look! No Hands! Art Exhibition

Well this was a struggle to make but was it worth it! Learnt loads from the making of this.

After having such an enjoyable night at Look! No Hands! I wanted to make a video to reflect it, properly. I wanted to grab hold of the weirder, subversive elements that the night was portraying and highlight them in the video. I feel it was something my videos were lacking so thought to go all out here!

Here is the video. Enjoy:

I wanted the video to be dark. Something you’d stumble across and not be sure what it was. Think like The Ring video but for the digital age! I don’t think I quite reached those heights with the effect in the end. As I did want it to be freaky I also wanted to showcase the exhibition without going too far. Some parts I think worked whilst some didn’t. I also think I may have actually gone overboard at the end.

There is one thing I believe that may have taken away from the full force of uneasiness I wanted to create. Early on I knew I wanted the video to degrade as time went on, to burn out and reveal even more twisted stuff but I didn’t know what route to take. Did I want to take it digital (datacrushing/digital artifacts/compression issues) or analogue (VHS burnout/static/re-recordings)? In the end I did a bit of both. I think not fully deciding on a type of degradation; the effect I was going for was somewhat lessened.

By far the most effect heavy video I have made. And that is why it took much longer than originally intended! The process of datacrushing/moshing the vids and then editing them was at lot more arduous than I took granted for.

In the end I think the feel I was going for is implied but not quite there.


Note: Also here is the more analogue looking one; complete with vhs 4:3 ratio!


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