Empty Walls 2014

Here it is! After a few false starts and re-edits it is here.

The long-awaited Empty Walls 2014 video is here.

It was filmed through the months of September to October in 2014. It was my first ‘proper’ filming job since starting JAPES. It spanned many weeks being exposed to the elements, some early mornings, some late nights; it was the hardest, longest shoot I’ve personally done. And it was awesome.

I got to meet many great artists and their art from all over the world. Each one unique and creative, it was a real privilege to be asked to film. As well as all this it also got me involved with the local art scene in Cardiff through The Abacus and it’s curators, while also being able to give something back to them.

So without further to do here is the video. Enjoy!

When I first got the brief for the video was originally going to go the route of most street art/graf videos; dark, edgy and overtly urban. But as time went on and I saw the sheer amount of diversity of the artist’s work I had a change of heart. This wasn’t just graffiti, it wasn’t mindless and devoid of merit. This was art for a new age and a new audience.

I moved it towards a lighter depiction. Brighter colours, flowing movements. I even moved away from the bass-heavy music that plagues most other types of these videos. I chose an interesting track from Boris a Bono that was the antithesis. This was more of a celebration of the art rather than something that should be hid in the shadows in the back alleys.

The use of matte’s is quite heavy in the video. I got the idea from watching the artists paint over paint. It was the act of creating something new from something that was pre-existing. It was the first time that I used mattes considerably and so learnt a lot in the process. Looking back maybe I used a few too many.

Overall though I am happy with the result of the video. It was a blast to make and I learnt loads through the whole project. I wish it could have come out earlier but better late than never. I shot much more than I could show in the video and if I ever get the time I would like to return to this footage and make something more long-form.

For more info on Empty Walls click here.

To listen to some more music from the awesome Boris a Bono:

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