NSTA ‘Sinkholes’ Album Launch

This was a short little video I did for the Cardiff  punk band Not Since the Accident. It was in aid of the launch of their new album ‘Sinkholes’. It was all filmed on the 1st of August of 2015.

Here is the video. Enjoy!

After the intense, deep editing experience that was Look! No Hands! I wanted to do something quick, reasonably small and to the point. I made it a personal goal to finish the whole edit of this off in a week. This is a point that I wanted to make as a lot of my projects run over due to conflicting work commitments. It is something I plan on working on/sorting out!

I did finish it in the time I gave myself and am overall happy with the results.

This is not the first time I have filmed the band, in fact it is the third time. My first initial concept of the video was going to be an amalgamation of all the best bits I have caught of the band over the last year. But I decided against that in the end to focus more on what this was really about; the new album, new songs, a new start in a way. So I stayed with editing with what I shot on the night. I believe it gives it a more solid standing and realism to what was the night.

The only thing I would like to have done is to have made the ‘My name is John Doe’ segment more how I intended it to be. It was going to have a voiceover, more John doe shots and a more prominent effect. This was sadly cut due to time constraints.


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