Red Sun Promotional Material

Here is a collection of all the promotional materials I’ve made for Red Sun Festival.

A little background on Red Sun:

It’s a little, BIG, music festival set within the heart of Cardiff. It caters to the heavier spectrum of music. Expect riffs, expect deep grooves, expect to thrash, mosh and party throughout the weekend to the heavy, sludgy, stoner, psych stylings Red Sun has to offer.

For more on Red Sun head over to their Facebook page. There you’ll find more juicy info on Red Sun II!

Red Sun 2015 Teaser

This video is the teaser for the Red Sun videos that will be coming out in the next few months. This is just to whet your appetite for the BIG videos coming soon.

Red Sun 2016 Announcement

This video  was the announcement video for the just confirmed Red Sun II. It was a nice surprise to hear it had returned and so it was great to be able to use the footage from last year to promote it.


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