We’re going to Glastonbury 2016!

This will be my first time at Glastonbury and I can’t wait to hit it up. So stoked as well to be invited to film it. JAPES will be filming at Kidz Field at this year’s Glastonbury! Something a little different from the usual but I like the challenge! If you happen to be around … More We’re going to Glastonbury 2016!


Little Updates

Just a little post to collect some of the updates that have been happening on the site. We have our hands on the new Grace Hartrey video for ‘Bottles of Rose’. You can watch it, and her other video ‘Warm Bodies’, here. Go there for more info on Grace and also the editor of that … More Little Updates

Red Sun Teaser!

First teaser for the Red Sun 2015 videos (and yes, that is plural!) The Cardiff music festival for those who like it heavy/hard/fast/trippy/sludgy/doomy and most importantly LOUD! MORE COMING SOON…


This is a short film I made for the Colchester 60 hr Film Challenge. We got a brief and had to come up with an idea, the script, produce, film, edit and score a film in 60 hours! It’s just as stressful as it sounds but it was such a blast. Haven’t done a creative, narrative-led, … More Ultraman

We’re Back!

We’re back! After a short scare with out equipment; we are fully operational again. So while there will be more videos to come, I’m afraid the wait is real. But I hope to get a nice bevy of videos before the end of the year in preparation for 2016. JAPES has BIG plans for next … More We’re Back!