This is a short film I made for the Colchester 60 hr Film Challenge. We got a brief and had to come up with an idea, the script, produce, film, edit and score a film in 60 hours! It’s just as stressful as it sounds but it was such a blast.

Haven’t done a creative, narrative-led, fictional film in a while and it made me remember why I started filming in the first place. There will definitely be more fictional projects taken on here at JAPES in the near future.

The film was a horror and overall I think we achieved the look and tone of the film we were looking for. It could do with a bit more polish in a few areas but again it was done in 60 hrs! Suppose that was part of the challenge.

The film itself it called Ultraman. Yes, Ultraman. For more info on the film, its creation and my take on it go here.

Here is Ultraman. Enjoy!


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