Pre-emptive Year Round-up!

It’s around that time of year when we see everyone’s round-up of what they achieved and their accomplishments from the last 12 months. And that is EXACTLY what this will be!

I have had an interesting on/off year but what I have picked up has been fantastic. A niche that seems to be carving itself out naturally is that of music videography. I have done some stuff for the sorely missed NSTA, picked up a regular spot filming for Youtube channel Sofar Sounds and the big one Red Sun Festival, that is still to come out (so stay tuned!) We also have some other stuff coming out in the New Year from band Winter Coat and singer/songwriter Grace Hartrey. So 2016 is going to start with a bang and keep going from there!

Thanks for anyone who has watched, shared, liked, talked about my work. You’ll never know how awesome it is for me! And if you haven’t had a look at my stuff here!


So here’s to 2016 and hoping it’ll be everything you need it to be!



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