Here’s to 2017!

So this is it! The end of 2016! Wasn’t exactly stellar in the grand scheme of things was it? But you have to take the positives where you can.

As we see out the year I thought I’d just share with you the last project I did. It may have gotten missed under the sheer enormity of Christmas but I did pick up a small job filming and editing for EatSleepFootyRepeat. They are a Facebook page that specializes in Welsh football from the grassroots level up to National..

Here are just a few of the videos I shot for them at the first Futsal Home Nations Tournament. Enjoy :


For more videos and information covering the Home Nations Futsal Tournament you can find more here.

Another project that you may not have seen was the Throwing Knives video. Throwing Knives are a band from Cardiff that you should definitely check out if you are into your music being of the heavier hardcore variety. If you happen to miss it here it is.

But there you have it 2016 is over! Had a nice variety of projects and looking to expand into the new year. We shall be building on what we did this year and making it bigger, better, faster, stronger!

We will also be looking to delve deeper into the pool of creative film-making. Be it short films sketches music videos and the ilk we shall be expanding our horizons so watch this space.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and have an awesome New Year! Here’s to 2017!




See you on the other side…..


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