What We’ve Been Up To: Aug-July ’15

After a tiny little birthday break I have dived straight back into my edit lair. I really wish things were going quicker as I have some great stuff coming out at the end of this month. Here is a quick low-down on what I have been currently working on.


LNH$ Glitchwork

Look! No Hands Exhibition

This has been a real fun one to work on. It’s probably been my most effect heavy video to date as well as my most dark in tone. I can’t wait for it to come out as it shows a different side to the stuff I’ve done so far.

I aim to get it out REEEEEAL soon, so stay tuned.



N.S.T.A. Album Promo

Worked with these boys before at both the Powderhound gig, Red Sun and other one off gigs. Great local band that have a new album out, which I’m going to cut a nice promo for. It’ll be good little video to showcase what the boys are about live and on record.

More info on the band check out their Facebook.

Also listen and buy the new album here.


Red Sun Opening

Red Sun Festival

WE HAVE NOT FORGOT ABOUT RED SUN! It’s just such a BEAST I want to treat it the right way. We have a short teaser trailer for it coming soon to sate your appetite.


I hope to get these little videos out by the end of August. Hopefully….


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