What We’ve Been Up To: September ’14

The past month we have been working hard on two very awesome but different projects. Here’s more info and an update to what we’ve been doing this past month.

Powderhound Gig

PowderHound #1

This was the first show put on by PowderHound, Cardiff’s newest alt-rock promoters. And what an awesome night it was! Let’s hope all their shows are just as good. If you like your music heavy, crazy, fast, sludgy and more importantly GOOD, keep your eyes on these boys.

There were performances from Pipedream, Square Peg, All Giant’s Fall and Not Since the Accident, who were showcasing some new songs from their new album.

Follow PowderHound on Facebook for all upcoming news and gigs in the Cardiff area.


Empty Walls

Empty Walls

It’s a Street Art Exhibition that is happening in and around Cardiff bringing some colour and artistic creativity to its drab walls. And the best thing about it is that there are still new pieces going up AS WE SPEAK! It runs throughout October with artists coming from all over the world to put up their pieces. It has been a joy and revelation filming this as it something I have never done before and introduced me to some great people.

If street art, or anything I’ve said above, sounds interesting you should check out the exhibition at The Abacus. It runs till the 12th of October so you still have time to get down there.

Follow Empty Walls on Facebook and check out the website for more information.


Be sure to come back in the coming weeks to see the finished films.

Feel free to contact us regarding future work on your project.



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